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Our Story

Our Story

In a world where nature weaves tales of everlasting love through the mélange of scents, By Cloud Fragrance emerged as an ode to the unspoken bond between Earth and Ether. We exist as an Emirati niche luxury perfume house that captures the essence of love and passion through a marriage of botanical ingredients and the ingenuity of world-class perfumers.


Holding ourselves to the highest standards, By Cloud Fragrance treasures the core values that define us:


  • Commitment to sourcing only the finest of natural ingredients
  • Undeniable dedication to exceeding international perfume standards
  • Ensuring complete customer satisfaction
  • Championing the 'Made in the UAE' vision of our rulers


Venturing into the ageless interaction between Earth and Ether, we strive to unveil the whispers of love that imbue the very air we breathe. The Earth, in her unwavering affection, sends fragrant missives through cascading water vapours and invisible particles carried aloft by floral aromas and the whispers of forests.


Upon receiving Earth's tokens, the ever-watchful Ether responds with an embrace of affection that manifests in the form of clouds–soft, white letters born of love. Through gentle showers or passionate downpours, Ether's emotions come pouring forth, releasing a symphony of scents that capture the heart of their eternal love story.


Inspired by this wondrous celestial exchange, By Cloud Fragrance honors their devotion by crafting an exquisite collection of natural, unisex perfumes. Our CLOUD collection speaks volumes to the discerning fragrance connoisseur, narrating sophisticated tales through the sublime alchemy of essences and oils.


Each signature perfume in our CLOUD collection is a testament to the timeless love story between Earth and Ether. We put pen to paper, using fragrances as our words and natural oils as our ink, creating unforgettable stories that gently unravel with every spritz.


With By Cloud Fragrance, we invite you to step into a world where nature's whispers paint tales of love, transcending time and space. Allow your senses to dance through our celestial ballet of scents, and let your story unfold with the eternal embrace of Earth and Ether.

Emirati niche luxury perfume house 

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