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Article: Scents of Place

Scents of Place

Scents of Place

By Cloud Fragrance is more than just a luxury perfume house: it's a grand tour conductor, helming journeys to the world's most enchanting locales through the power of scent. Each fragrance in our collections is a passport to a different destination, promising to cloak you in the essence of places both far-flung and dearly familiar.

Where Each Scent Takes You

Amaya Eau De Parfum

Amaya hints at a night heavy with rain in a tropical paradise. It starts with a vibrant top note of lily of the valley, cascading into a bouquet of dry rose and jasmine, evoking the lush, wet blooms of an island under rainfall. The experience rounds off with the comforting base notes of amber, vetiver, and caramel, which blend seamlessly with the wooden element reminiscent of Indian Cynodon. One whiff, and you're amidst the warm wind and tropical rain, enveloped in tender sweetness.

After The Rain Limited Edition Eau De Parfum

Bearing a name that paints a vivid picture, this scent captures the clean, earthy petrichor of rain-soaked terrain. It’s for those who seek the freshness that comes after the rain, a scent that’s both awakening and revitalizing. This fragrance allows you to indulge in the aromatic afterglow of a rainstorm anytime, anywhere.

Hattan Eau De Parfum

A scent sharp with mystery, Hattan Eau De Parfum is a complex concoction that represents the crossroads between tradition and modernity, much like the bustling city it's named after. It's an embodiment of a dynamic locale that's both historical and steeped in contemporary flair, making it perfect for someone who embodies these traits.

London Musk Eau De Parfum

The foggy streets of London are captured within each drop of this scent. A misty blend that features a rich milange of scents woven together to evoke the cosmopolitan heart of the UK’s esteemed capital. It’s refined, mature, and undeniably sophisticated, much like the city it's inspired by.

Monsoon Eau De Parfum

Open a bottle of Monsoon, and you're transported to the lush, verdant landscapes that thrive under the annual monsoon rains. It opens with notes of leather, hinting at the raw strength of nature's renewal, balanced elegantly with heart notes of rose and raspberry and anchored by the noble oud. This fragrance carries the soul of the monsoon's transformative beauty.

Capturing the Essence of Locations in a Bottle

Our Cloud Collection, Muzen Collection, and upcoming delights from "Above the Cloud," along with our Signature Blends, are more than a selection of sophisticated scents. They're narratives of places, distilled essences of locations wrapped in glass, ready to transport you to the locale they embody with just a spritz.

The Artisanal Craft Behind the Scents

Every By Cloud fragrance is a testament to our philosophy of love, passion, and artistry. Combining natural ingredients and the ingenuity of world-class perfumers, we've stirred the soul of each location into our fragrances. True to our Emirati roots and with a reach that spans continents, our scents are aspirations made aerial, designed to elevate your fragrance experience to stratospheric heights.

At By Cloud Fragrance, we understand that a scent is a personal journey. With every note that dances on your skin, you walk down cobbled streets, explore rainforests, or feel the vibrant pulse of ancient cities. Our perfumes don't just tell stories - they invite you to write your own, in scents as vivid and alive as the places they represent.

Explore our selections and find not just a perfume, but a voyage in a bottle. Because with By Cloud Fragrance, you're not simply choosing a scent. You're choosing a destination.

Embark on your aromatic journey with us, only at By Cloud Fragrance.

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