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London Musk Eau De Parfum

Sale priceDhs. 500.00

A revolution of feelings of warmth and joy

TOP NOTES: Lily of the valley

Are you looking for a quieter and warmer feeling in the cold winter of London? Close your eyes and breathe the scent of desire and joy with the fragrance of LONDON MUSK. It is summoning a revolution of generous and sparkling sensations after a midnight filled with New Year's Eve atmosphere. With its various aromatic ingredients, this fragrance guarantees you a moment of peace that will truly improve your life and help you to live moments you never forget.
This fragrance's opening is composed of a bouquet of fragrant aromas in green nature. Its essence is the beauty of the gardens, the warm Plumeria flower. It is also called the Indian Jasmine which gives richness and uniqueness to the aromatic mix with touches of Jasmine and Coconut. The base consists of a mixture of thick Musk, Amber and Sandalwood to create a luxurious and great balance.

London Musk Eau De Parfum
London Musk Eau De Parfum Sale priceDhs. 500.00